Humans Follow Stronger Leaders Than Themselves

Humans Follow Stronger Leaders Than ThemselvesIf you ask people what type of leaders they would like, most people wish to have leaders that are smarter than they are and stronger too; stronger in personal character, virtue, integrity and physically. This should not surprise anyone, and perhaps this is why many of the smartest and strongest people often do not support their leaders.

Many athletes do not value their coaches as they should. This is a problem in sports especially with young talented athletes taking instruction from a coach who was never as good as they are, or from an older coach that they see as an older weak man. Sounds silly and arrogant, but it is a real psychological issue that must be dealt with. If such a coach is replaced with an NFL, NBA, or Major League star or former athlete, all of a sudden, these athletes hang on every word and become all ears. Amazing!

Many employees feel their bosses have weak character or do not have the integrity they desire. This is a huge problem for many leaders as it hurts their ability to lead. So, many leaders work very hard to create the illusion of granger. This is a very common occurrence from a high-school coach to a military leader. It becomes rather important when it turns out to be the leader of a nation-state or multi-national conglomerate corporation.

So, what is the lesson here? Well, it’s simple, first you must have strength of character, self-confidence, talent and knowledge, otherwise very few followers will be willing to listen to what you have to say. So, think on this.