Setting Your Goals in Life – 4 Ways to Success

Setting Your Goals in Life - 4 Ways to SuccessWhat are your goals in life? No matter what situation in life you’re in, chances are you have goals you want to achieve at some point.

Fact is, you will need to know what you want, otherwise you will end up with nothing. The more specific you are, the better and the greater your chance of succeeding.

Money is a good goal. But be specific: How much? And by what time? Be realistic about it. To earn half a million dollars by next week is not very realistic, it’s usually not going to happen. Set your goals lower and focus on them.

If you want a fast car, don’t just call it fast car. Call it a red Lamborghini that goes from 0 to 100 mph in less than10 seconds. If you want a bigger house, think of a 10 bedroom 8 bathroom mansion with 40 acre grounds, a pond and a golf course. Red roof, victorian style, stylish kitchen. Be specific and set a realistic time frame.

Then hang on to your goals. There are mainly 4 ways to help you keeping focused:

1. You could set five minutes aside every day to think about them, visualize them and get excited about them.

2. Better, you could write them down and make them tangible.

3. Even better, you could collect pictures of that car, house, or pool and stick them up on a wall where you always see them. Cut them out of magazines or print them off the internet.

4. Better still, take action and pretend you’re already where you want to be. Visit a show house and imagine living there yourself. Go to your local luxury car dealer and take the car of your dreams for a test drive. You have to get used to the feeling that this will indeed be you in a few months or years, if that’s what you want.

These methods can be applied to any goal in life, wealth, more time for the family, or a happy relationship. The key is to believe it’s going to happen and stay focused.