Simple Inspirations – Making 2009 the Year You Reach Your Goals – Part 2

Simple Inspirations - Making 2009 the Year You Reach Your Goals - Part 2The first step to goal setting, we started with aspirations. This part deals with our inspiration.

The next two steps are probably the hardest part. But, hang on and persevere through them!

HINT: Before you even begin this task, decide upon a reward for yourself when you finish. You can use something simple, like 10 minutes with your favorite book and a hot cup of tea.

Take one piece of paper and write Positives and make three columns; one for Skills, one for Interests and another for Character Traits. Take a second piece and write Negatives and make three columns; one for Habits, one for External Factors (clutter, distressing people, unnecessary spending…), and one for Character Traits.

Now, for the positive page write everything that comes to mind for each category, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant you think it might be. Consider hobbies, volunteer positions, career, schooling… etc. and then assess the incidental skills or attributes you have acquired through them.

For the negative page write down those things you struggle with and those things that might be hindering your success. In other words anything you might be better off without! This is not meant to beat yourself up, but a place to take inventory and acknowledging these items is the beginning of eliminating them.

You will have to dig deep and consider your strengths and weaknesses. When I sat down to do this the first time, every ounce of my body tried to find something else to do! I could have cleaned the clutter out of several houses to avoid thinking about this. Somehow we don’t like to self-evaluate.

But, because I made the goal a fun one, I did it. Now, it is kind of a fun task each year to see what new skills I have acquired and decide what I need to get rid of.

This year I have become the co-director of a non-profit organization called StepUP Ballroom (a mentoring program that uses Ballroom Dancing in 5th grade classes) and have gained some unintended but very useful skills through that job. I have learned through several courses more about general marketing, internet marketing, social media and have been working on my skills there. So those go on the list.

What new activities have you been involved in this year? What have you read, researched or learned? Write those down.

I also have a few things I want to lay down, get rid of or change – I have resumed chewing my lip when I work (ouch) and I need to stop that one! I also want to have better control over my finances, specifically track advertising results and declutter my house one drawer at a time. So those go on the list (with dates).

What about you? What do you see that is in your way? Or what habit is something you would be better of without? Write them down.

Dig deep. Take some time and meditate on this Self-Inventory. It really does help. And once you are done – I will show you how to use it!